These slender & sophisticated 2-Way remote controls feature a clean sleek ergonomic industrial design, made to fit the user's hand comfortably,...

Brand: VIPER
Kategori: ALARM
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These slender & sophisticated 2-Way remote controls feature a clean sleek ergonomic industrial design, made to fit the user's hand comfortably, enabling effortless and intuitive single-handed operation as hidden GhostLight™ LEDs confirm your commands. You will love the way the Responder LE remote feels in your hand, and the many state-of-the-art system features you can access with ease, starting with the new paging-only Silent Mode2™ feature, which allows users to turn off the siren and receive notification on the remote only. With Silent Mode2, the vehicle silently alerts the user that the alarm has triggered.

Technology :

ESP - 2 
ESP2 is Viper's exclusive serial communications protocol that allows extra ultra-security, high-speed communication between systems and enables many of Viper's key features.

The Responder LE 2-Way hybrid vehicle security & remote start systems will protect your vehicle and its contents, start the engine with the push of a button from the comfort of either home or office and confirm all commands with GhostLight™ LEDs, all with unparalleled elegance, style and intuitive one-handed operation. That's Responder LE!

The SuperCode protocol delivers the best range possible from a keychain remote but that's not all. It also encompasses advances in these three key areas. software-based signal encryption, multi-car operation and extended battery life. In addition, SuperCode eliminates simultaneous, multiple-button presses. Now any feature of the system can be controlled using one hand.

Feature : 

- Extreme 2,000 feet FCC legal 2-Way range
- Simple new universal icons
- Longer battery life up 3 to 6 months
- TempCheck using GhostLights - check the vehicle temperature using the hidden LEDs on the remote
- Soft Touch surfaces for comfortable tactile sensation
- Manual Transmission remote start enabled

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