The innovation and technology that makes these systems so intimidating to thieves is also what makes them so convenient for users. Access up to 16...

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The innovation and technology that makes these systems so intimidating to thieves is also what makes them so convenient for users. Access up to 16 functions with the press of a button on the remote, for literally instant command of an awesome array of security and lifestyle-enhancing features, including remote engine start, remote control trunk release, headlight automation and window auto close*. G5 from Clifford is quite simply the state of the art.
For over a quarter of a century, exclusive Clifford innovations and product features have revolutionized vehicle security technology. G5 systems integrate artificial intelligence software, high performance microprocessors and patented electronics to offer unmatched levels of security, reliability and ease-of-use. Features may vary according to model. Some vehicles may require additional parts and labor, and a few are incompatible with some features.

Technology :

Directed Electronics recently made a significant performance upgrade to the RF receiver section of many of our award-winning security and remote start systems. The new XR+ Extreme Range superheterodyne receiver has an improved sensitivity specification of between 3 dB and 6 DB, which equates to a measurable range increase on the order of 15 percent. It also offers improved image rejection for certain types of RF interference, resulting in improved reliability.


  • legendary CliffNet Wizard is Windows 2000 and XP Compatible.(Download it here!)
  • The entire G5 line features the most advanced superheterodyne receive available for optimum range.
  • All systerms feature the Smart Secure Immobilizer circuit, which eliminates the possibility of stranding the vehicle due to a power failure.
  • New Bright Blue Status LED lets thieves know that Clifford G5 is on board.
  • Each auxiliary output channel has its own dedicated timer.
  • G5 systems feature Normally Closed trigger input for rear defoggers and vehicles with closed loop triggers and externally mounted accessories.
  • Five selectable auxiliary output options
  • FACT2 technology allows three alarm triggers before silencing the offending input for hightened security.
  • All systems are compatible with G5 remotely adjustable sensors.
  • Auxiliary channel auto activate.


Feature : 

  • 4 Channel Security System with Optional Keyless Entry
  • BlackJax™ 5 Anti-Carjacking System
  • ACG2 Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
  • Built-In Parking Light Flasher
  • Selectable Dual-Point Smart Secure Immobilization
  • Remotely Adjustable Dual-Zone OmniSensor
  • G5 Glass Break Sensor
  • Medallion2 Programmable Tone Speaker Siren
  • Bright Blue LED Status Indicator
  • PlainView2 Coded Valet/Override Switch
  • CliffNet™ DataPort
  • 3 Auxiliary Channels
  • Includes Two 5-Button Remote Controls

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